journey gym customers periodically post video reviews of the product that help further explain how simple, effective and valuable the product is for customers. Don't take our word for it, see what our proactive real customer users have to say about the journey gym, about the journey gym exercise content, video creation software, the Health Is A Journey community, etc. It will be the greatest validation you will find around moving forward with the journey gym on your health journey. To learn more, simply play the following video reviews.


Sommer Poquette's Review

In Sommer's review she talks all about the attributes of the journey gym and describes the product as, "an all-in-one, compact, portable light weight gym, that you can slide underneath your couch, pull out when the kids go to bed, or use first thing in the morning, and it virtually takes up no space."



Carissa Rose's Review

In Carissa's review she not only walks through the journey gym product and its set up and use, but also through the journey gym exercise video creator software and at the end of her review says, "...I definitely think this is a great product. The journey gym came up with something great. It's lightweight, it's easy to use, easy to follow, lots of different exercises...cardio, strength training all in one."



Sofia Byrd's Review

In Sofia's review she runs through a 10 minute starter workout with the journey gym, but speeds up the video so that you can view it all in less than 2 minutes.  After just 10 simple minutes she says, "That was tough...that was a 10 minute workout."  



Dana Chapman's Review

In Dana's review she talks to why she, as the owner of RealFit Studios and, loves the journey gym as one of her favorites in her studio. In the review she says, "So, real fantastic marriage if you will of existing equipment, so it really compacts everything, brings it all together. Ok. So those are reasons I love the journey gym."  



Drew Bennet's Reviews

In Drew's initial review he not only walks you through the product, but a day's exercise regimen and describes the journey gym as, "It's basically a universal gym in a carrying's like a's like a laptop...I can go to and there's are over 70 different exercises so I can make my own workout, which is great."


In Drew's updated review he speaks to how he works out on the journey gym at his place of work in a fitness center that just didn't meet his time needs. In his own words Drew writes in his description of this video, "I've been using my Journey Gym for a couple months for 3 days each week. I work out at 3am between my late night work shift and it is a great pick me up. I recently got a 10 DVD set of all new workouts. I love the variety and the challenge."



Ellen Ross's Review

In Ellen Ross's review she speaks to how she utilizes the journey gym to remove the hurdle of not having time for traditional workouts. In her own words Ellen writes in her description of this video, "Thanks to The Journey Gym I was actually successful with moving forward on my fitness and health goals. I lost 3 inches on my waistline and 1 pant size!!!!"



Please check back regularly as more and more journey gym customers send in their video reviews of the product, the content and the software from journey gym.  If you want to send in your video review please do so at this time by simply CLICKING HERE.  We look forward to seeing your amazing results on your lifelong health journey.


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