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At journey gym we will support you at a level that you have never experienced before for a product that you pay for once, but use for a lifetime. Here in the training section for customers we give you access to over 295 videos including 5, 10, 15 and 20 minute journey gym circuit training workouts. We provide you videos around health and nutrition fit tips. We provide you with videos around product support and optimizing your journey gym experience. Finally, we provide you with the world's first exercise creator video software called FaST. It allows for you to make your own exercise videos to your own music.

The journey gym training videos are significant, are free and are always being added to. We are here to ensure you are never bored, always challenged, always improving and always supported. Health is a journey, continue yours here:







The journey gym philosophy is simple, remove all of the hurdles associated with a lack of consistency in fitness so that we can get the world fit.  For many people one of the primary hurdles associated with staying consistent with their fitness is boredom with their workouts and workout programs.  This is often associated with exercise programs or videos with limited exercises and repetitious music.


People shared with us that they were tired of the same exercises, exercise videos and the same music.  So at journey gym we invested in developing the world's first ever customizable exercise video platform where anyone can create their own exercise videos, with the strength and cardio elements they want, with the music they want and with the narration they want.  There is now an infinite number of ways to build an exercise video to get you fit, to work the muscle groups you want, to do so in the time you define and with the motivation you choose.


Our customizable exercise video platform will allow for you to create your own workouts, or choose from pre-designed workouts of all 70 basic moves, possible on the journey gym.  The exercise video platform is free to all journey gym owners and can be utilized on essentially any computer, smart phone or television.  From here on, one more fitness hurdle will be removed and you will be on your way on your health journey. 


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