It is a given fact that 84% of Americans have not and absolutely will not join a gym. It is a given fact that existing fitness systems target the same 16% of Americans that already workout regularly. These systems often take up too much space, too much time, are too expensive, too intense, and have too high of a failure rate. Simply, they are not for us. We also know that 66% of us are overweight and want to change our lives in a positive and permanent way. We want to be strong. We want to be confident. We want our health back.


All of this information motivated us to create the Health Is A Journey System, which is the health and fitness system for the rest of us. Who are the rest of us? We are the busy mom who cannot find time for herself, the business traveler who is always on the road, and the grandmother who has not worked out in decades. Our Health Is A Journey System is utilized by customers of all health and fitness levels regardless of size, gender, occupation, and age. It is utilized by those who have simply given up on the idea of being strong, confident, energetic, and truly healthy.


At journey gym, we remove the top five hurdles associated with unsuccessful systems and provide a health foundation that can be maintained and built upon by offering the following five solutions:

1. TIME - our workouts are 5 to 20 minutes maximum and utilize Gradually Ramping Interval Training (G.R.I.T.), provably the most effective way to workout

2. SUPPORT - our system includes our Star Trainers, our online Health Community, our Persistency Centers, and our Medical Team to support your journey

3. RESULTS - our customers workout an average of 85 minutes a week and lose as much as 25-40lbs., 25-35% of body fat, 20-25 inches in just 10 weeks

4. SUCCESS - our system starts at 5 minutes a day, 2 to 3 days a week, and gradually ramps while teaching you how to adopt a healthy lifestyle

5. COST - our system costs less than one month's health insurance benefits, is not a recurring fee, and is a one time investment for a lifetime of support


Our Health Is A Journey System starts at your level, your pace, and leverages our Gradually Ramping Interval Training (G.R.I.T.) system to increase adoption and success rates. We have all of the tools you need to succeed at a one-time price you can afford. We will accompany you on your health journey for life, as we work with you to change and maintain your lifestyle. We are journey gym and will provide you and yours with "The Health & Fitness System For The Rest Of Us."


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