journey gym provides a completely new approach to traditional group fitness, personal training and nutrition classes that have been provided at gyms, clubs and studios for years.  This new approach to fitness and health leads to what we have dubbed journey gym Persistency Centers and it is "The Health & Fitness Center For The Rest Of Us".  The flagship location of the first ever journey gym Persistency Center is located in Portland, Oregon.

Over the past year and a half journey gym has been building the Persistency Center model of "The Health & Fitness Center For The Rest Of Us" by not only creating a completely new approach to group fitness, but also through making fitness, nutrition and overall health education a collective trifecta that we bring to our clients.  

The reality is that most of the rest of us do not, or have not incorporated fitness into everyday lives.  For us it is not yet a lifestyle.  In parallel, we find that the rest of us also don't collectively have the greatest overall approach to our nutrition, or lack the knowledge to truly optimize our nutrition.  Finally, the rest of us tend to lead often hectic and stressful daily lives and so the other components of great health (rest/recovery, hydration, stress management, flexibility, balance, etc.) often don't get the attention they need either.

The cumulative result of the lifestyle of the rest of us led us to build out the journey gym Persistency Center, so that consistent fitness, optimal nutrition and overall health could be the future for our clients.  We knew that for majority of our clients the journey gym Health Is A Journey System was enough for them to achieve these results in the comfort of their own home.  However for those locally who wanted that extra support, accountability and interaction we now have a physical location for them to take it to the highest level with the greatest amount of support.


As mentioned journey gym has as a part of the Persistency Centers a new approach to group fitness and we call our approach "journey gym Persistency Sessions".  These sessions are a 40 minute group flexibility and fitness class, a goal setting/tracking class, and a health and nutrition education class.  

As stated above, we found that the rest of us needed more than to just be a member of a gym or a club or a studio, we needed more than to be directed in a group exercise class, we needed more than a trainer standing by us while we worked out.  We needed a revolution in the approach to why you would be apart of a fitness center.  In turn the Persistency Sessions are designed to provide the following 5 proven key elements to success with a health and fitness regimen:

1) TRACKING - 5 minutes of capturing, via a journal or smart phone, all the food and beverage intake, the physical fitness completed, and rest received over the prior day.

2) EDUCATION - 6 minutes of education, via journey gym Fit Tip videos, around best practices in fitness, nutrition, rest/recovery, etc. followed by an open group discussion.

3) WARM UP - 3 minutes of warm up with stretching, balance and flexibility as the focal points with a full body approach as every Persistency Session is a full body workout.

4) TRAINING - 23 minutes of 20 journey gym one minute circuits alternating between strength and cardio with a 5 to 15 second transition time depending on the participants.

5) COOL DOWN - 3 minutes of cool down again with the focal points of stretching, balance and flexibility, but also with a focus on breathing and learning optimal heart rates.

The culmination of these 5 proven key elements to success, with a health and fitness regimen, makes the journey gym Persistency Sessions a highly unique solution for our clients.  For many of them, for the first time in their lives they have adopted a true lifestyle of health and fitness, they have changed their behavior, and they are on a results oriented and consistent health journey.  

journey gym Persistency Sessions are offered six days a week at our Persistency Centers and seven days a week via our virtual offering.  In turn, journey gym clients around the world can not only get fit, in either a group environment or on their own, but in parallel they are learning the health tips and best practices around adopting a lifestyle of health.  To visit the journey gym Persistency Center simply email at info@journeygym.com, or call at 1-855-TO-JOURNEY to schedule a tour, or CLICK HERE to learn the hours of operations for dropping in.


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