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journey gym Customer Neal Hammond Is Having An Amazing Health Journey

journey gym customer and advocate Neal Hammond is having an amazing health journey.  He has just completed a purely, at home and at work journey gym 70 Day Challenge, via daily emails and our online community.  He was so excited about his success that he recently wrote the company and stated:

"I have been using the system at least 4 days a week since October 1 at my new job!  I can do the 20 minute workout now and keep up!  Can do the push-ups, 1 minute of jumping jacks 2x during the session which is like 100 jumping jacks and have improved from like not being able to do 1 push-up with Glen to now being a boss and doing like 20 good ones!  My muscles are getting huge and everyone notices!  My wife and kids especially! Feeling extremely good!"

This is not uncommon for our customers to get results like this when they complete the 70 Day Challenge and adhere to its gradually ramping approach to fitness, nutrition and lifestyle.  It simply works that well.

Touring Band Superfly Crew Prepares For The Road With journey gym


The rapidly upward moving Florida band Superfly Crew loves journey gym!  Along with his guitar, Kevin Purcell brought his light weight compact portable journey gym System to band practice to show off the new prize, from OurCityGoGo's GetUpNGoGo Challenge, to his bandmates.  Superfly Crew was instantly hooked after each of them jumped on the system.  

The whole band wants to perform their best for their first tour and will be on the road for weeks at a time next summer.  Now, all the guys want to join the next journey gym 70 Day Challenge together by getting in the best shape possible to prepare for the tour’s back to back shows.

We are here to both support not only the health journeys of the band, but the goals and aspirations of each of them.  With their health improved, for the long hours on the road and the energy filled live concerts, they will simply have greater results for them and their fans.  Rock it Superfly Crew!

The International GetUpNGoGo 70 Day Challenge Begins

Today around the United States as well as in the United Kingdom the GetUpNGoGo 70 Day Challenge begins.  journey gym and MBD Marketing and have launched a global campaign to get deserving men and women health and fit through this challenge.  Those involved include traveling musicians, busy business professionals, stay at home moms and some who haven't worked out in decades.

This combined campaign will further prove that with the journey gym, and its associated 70 Day Challenge, can help anyone adopt fitness again into their lives.  All of the participants will be going through the challenge and gradually ramping up their fitness, improving their nutrition, and making positive lifestyle changes with the goal of adopting fitness permanently in their lives.  This is the true game changer for all of us.  When you adopt fitness permanently in your life your health will improve and eventually be optimized.  

So, GetUpNGoGo and join the health and fitness movement for the rest of us.  Get your journey gym System today and join our next international 70 Day Challenge.

Changing The Game For Startup Founders With journey gym CEO

The statement posed by Michael Knouse of Startup Sessions was, "what if I told you there was a way for your startup to be 6x more likely to stay in business, 5x more likely to raise funding, and 2.5x more likely to exit positively, than the national startup average?" Recently journey gym's CEO, John Friess, was asked to speak to the answer here, which is Starve Ups.

Starve Ups was Oregon's first startup accelerator that he co-founded and has been the Executive Director of for most of the past 14 years. journey gym is one of 93 startup membership companies within Starve Ups, which specifically accelerates founders of innovative and disruptive startups to initially survive the first 3 years of business, then to strive into profitability, and then eventually to thrive towards a positive exit. 

To hear how Starve Ups was started, why it has been argued in international news as the most successful accelerator in the world, and why journey gym is a member company simply watch this interview.

The GetUpNGoGo Campaign By MBD Marketing & journey gym

journey gym and MBD Marketing have combined forces to bring an amazing opportunity to 10 lucky people in the United States. Together the two companies have created the GetUpNGoGo Campaign where anyone in the U.S. can send in a simple video application and in turn win both a journey gym System and the famous journey gym 70 Day Challenge.

It is a $499 value for each winner and an opportunity like this has never been done before by journey gym. Simply go to the GetUpNGoGo campaign site, add your application video and in turn add your chance to to win. Final applications will be accepted till 4pm PST on October 1st, 2014.

journey gym Customer Kelli Bliss Down 116 Lbs. With journey gym & Curves


How amazing is this!  Long time journey gym customer and advocate Kelli Bliss is now down 116 lbs. since starting her health and weight loss journey.  She made a major commitment to herself and her family and has been working consistently to workout regularly with the journey gym and at Curves.  

This combined approach is excellent as the majority of our customers utilizing nearly strictly the journey gym for fitness and weight loss, but some mix the journey gym in with biking, walking, hiking, tennis and even fitness facilities like Curves.  

We think the best journey gym customer is one that "permanently adopts fitness into their lives" and that takes on all types of fitness and activity.  In turn, they adopt the habit of fitness through journey gym and then make it just a part of who they are.  If you can do this your life will improve in every way, like it has for Kelli.

The journey gym 70 Day Challenge Starts Every Saturday Worldwide


Here is journey gym customer Heather Bodkin on Day 1 of her 70 Day Challenge with Lean Paula Dean (a.k.a. Paula Scott).  Every Saturday across the country, actually across the globe, journey gym customers like Heather begin their journey gym 70 Day Challenges.  This challenge, created by the company over the course of 2 years, is a truly complete health, nutrition and fitness program that is delivered daily over 70 days.  

Why 70 days you may ask, it is because new studies show it takes Americans 35 days now (vs. the previous 21 days) to break or build a habit.  In turn, over 70 days we help our customer break the habit of not exercising and build the habits of proper fitness and nutrition and health.  

The journey gym 70 Day Challenge includes everything you could need to be successful including daily video fit tips, video workout routines and goal setting guidance all presented online. The program is delivered via a series of email communications delivered daily.  With the journey gym 70 Day Challenge, you receive the following:

A Most Relaxing Vacation Includes Working Out For Best Results


For most of us vacations mean going to a place separate from our homes, sleeping in, eating out, and generally taking a break from our more structured lives.  However, the average 4 days business trip, or vacation leads to up to 5 lbs. of gained weight.  This is of course heavily due to how sedentary we tend to be on vacation and because of the increase in calories we take in as well.

If you really want to return from a vacation rested, rejuvenated, and ready to tackle life then the experts suggest you workout while on vacation.  The great thing about this is that you have more time on vacation than at any other time.  In turn, the #1 reason people don't regularly exercise, which is due to lack of time, is gone.  This coupled with the fact the journey gym allows for you to workout literally anywhere, you can truly improve your relaxation levels by exercising while on vacation.

journey gym Featured With The Best From The Cascades


The journey gym was recently asked to join a select group of products all designed, created, or manufactured in the Pacific Northwest to launch a new e-commerce platform called Best From The Cascades.  Here is the founder, Seth Miller, sharing some of the great products integrated into the site.  Seth and the site have been garnering great coverage since their launch and we are enthused to see their successes along the way.

The premise of Best From The Cascades not only includes representing amazing products from the Pacific Northwest, but to also provide the stories of the founders, makers and creators of the products they represent.  Check out the full array of products at and you can see the journey gym Systems at www.bestfromthecascades/exercise-equipment.


Be Truly Inspired By journey gym Customer Kalia Hollander


This is Kaila Hollander and she is purely inspiring.   She has been in a wheelchair for a number of years and has watched our amazing loyal customer, Rabbi Zvi Hollander, and their daughter get in great shape on the journey gym over the past many months.   In turn, she wanted to start utilizing it for herself.  The Rabbi asked if we had any ideas on how she could use it and in turn they removed the legs and started with upper body exercises.  

Now, even with limited mobility, the journey gym is providing strength training to Kaila, right in the comfort of her own home.  This is truly amazing and inspiring.  We love this.  You are awesome Kaila.  Thank you for having the strength to share your journey with us.


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