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Getting Fit As A Group Of Neighbors In Sandpoint, Idaho


We recently had a group of families, all of whom live in the same rural neighborhood in Sandpoint, Idaho, all order their journey gyms in an effort to get fit as a community.  They had been dealing with a number of health issues amongst a very close group of friends and family, and in turn they reached out to journey gym to help improve their health.

So, more than 10 individuals started in late May on their collective 70 Day Challenge.  They are all working out to the daily emails received from journey gym, are keeping eachother motivated, and are ultimately keeping one another accountable.  The research is clear, that when there is a group of friends, or peers, aware of your goals, you are more likely to reach those goals as those individuals keep you accountable.

journey gym Before, During & After Health Journey For Christina Tyson

Here is another awesome and inspirational journey gym Before, During & After Health Journey for our amazing customer, Christina Tyson.  What the Christina has accomplished with journey gym over the last 6 months has been awesome to witness.  

journey gym Receives 4th U.S. Patent On The Revolutionary Universal Gym

After more than four years of continual work, we as journey gym, have finally received our 4th issued U.S. patent around the journey gym portable universal gym, its platform, its design, and its handles.  

From the first prototype of the journey gym we knew we had a highly patentable fitness product, and that we needed to protect this invention.  

It has been a labor of love to create a product so different, so vastly applicable and unique, that it required 4 patents to help ‘the rest of us get fit’.   

Check out the line sketches that the United States Patent and Trademark Office reviewed and approved.  A special thanks to co-inventors John Friess, Robert Montgomery and Chris Gunson here.  

Also, a special thanks to our amazing patent attorney, who is just the best in the world at helping inventors garner the protection they need around their novel products.  

The foundation of intellectual property around the journey gym has already allowed for derivative products to be iniitally developed as prototypes, and the future for great new products is bright based on these.

Thank You Moms For Everything From Team journey gym

There is simply no one in the world that does more than mom. Mom not only provides us life, but then sustains us, feeds us, raises us, and teaches us how to be healthy and happy. This Mother's Day journey gym wanted to say thank you to all of those busy moms out there that always put themselves last.  In turn, we would love the opportunity to help your mom on her health journey. 

We help more moms, than any other type of person, here at journey gym. So, let's help mothers around the world have a simple, effective and convenient way to workout, and stay fit, in just a few minutes a day.  To get the Mother's Day Special, simply click on the coupon below, and use the promo code #JGMOM upon checkout:


journey gym Before, During & After Health Journey For Rabbi Zvi Hollander

Here is another awesome and inspirational journey gym Before, During & After Health Journey for our amazing customer, Rabbi Zvi Hollander.  What the Rabbi has accomplished with journey gym over the last 9 months has been simply incredible.  When we met Rabbi Zvi, he was over 250 lbs., was tired and out of energy, was insulin dependent, and was experiencing advanced numbness and neuropathy in his arms and legs.

Over the last 9 months though Rabbi Zvi adopted the journey gym, ran through the 70 Day Challenge more than once, and changed his entire health life.  Now, the Rabbi works out 3 to 4 times a week on average on the journey gym, and he works out 10 to 20 minutes a day on those days. He has done those workouts in hotels, outside and in airports.  He has lost over 50 lbs. of weight and more than 20 inches around his entire body.  He is in the best shape, and lowest weight, since 1999.  

journey gym Group Exercise Classes At The Famous Diva Den Studios

You'll be lucky if in your life if you find a fitness studio with as much of a loyal following, and diverse class set, as the Diva Den Studio. Located in Tualatin, Oregon, Diva Den Studio is a fitness studio for strong women who want to get fit with their friends. And recently Diva Den launched journey gym group exercise classes for them all.

The owners Kristin Nelson and Keli Davis, along with their amazing team of personal trainers and coaches including Jody Alar and Monica Carlson, bring everything from barre classes, to Zumba® classes, boot camp classes, and now journey gym classes, to their clients.  

They always bring their A game and they always have the newest and hottest programs that are out there for their clients, and now journey gym is a part of that mix.  Thank you Diva Den, keep changing the game and changing lives.  We are proud to be a part of it.  Click on the video below to see one of the classes in action:

11 Time Olympic Medalist Ryan Lochte Joins journey gym As An Owner

When journey gym learned that Ryan Lochte had been utlizing the journey gym for his recovery, and rehabilitation, from an MCL tear, and an ACL sprain injury, we were stoked to say the least.  We had sent Ryan a series of journey gyms to consider his ownership in, and involvement with, the company.  Just a couple of weeks after this an over zealous fan unexpectedly jumped on Ryan and he fell to the ground tearing his MCL and spraining his ACL.  

The journey gyms were there and Ryan was not to utilize free weights or to go to the gym.  The journey gym of course utilizes the exact resistance bands that Physical Therapists and Orthopedic Surgeons and Occupational Therapists utilize in prehabilitation and rehabilitation.  

So, Ryan utilized the journey gym daily to build his strength, to rehab his knee, and to help get back in the pool.  In the end Ryan stated that he recovered almost 3 months faster than expected and posted 3 of his best times of the year on his first meet back in the pool.  He said quote, "I didn't expect that ever after my injury."  

journey gym At IHRSA 2014 Next To Some Of The Fitness Greats

This past week journey gym attended IHRSA 2014 in beautiful San Diego, California.  The show was the largest it had been in 4 years with nearly every major fitness equipment and programming company present.  With the hundreds of companies presenting, it was great to share the journey gym Systems with some of the great pioneers in our industry, with global distributors, and with clients.


Of course for journey gym, one of the critical pioneers of the stepper, step classes, and high intensity interval training (HIIT), is the amazing Reebok®. They helped take the step mainstream, where trainers added free weights, yoga mats, and barbells to their steppers and created in class interval training.

Fast forward many years, journey gym System took all of these various products (stepper, free weights, barbells, yoga mat) all into a singular product, then compressed it into a portable briefcase. Now, the benefits and the efficacy of the group class stepper, and free weight interval training courses, can be taken with you anywhere and at any time. Thanks to the pioneers as they always blaze the trail.

journey gym Rocks On Our City Radio With Spokesman Glen Baggerly

The infamous Glen Baggerly has been the spokesman for Bowflex, for journey gym, and now is also the spokesman for Our City Radio. This global internet radio station is a mix of the top music genres, local artists, news and sports.

The company promotes local bands, music, sports and businesses in their respective city.  They are currently in 180 cities throughout the world and recently asked journey gym to discuss our company, our vision and what people get with the journey gym Systems.

So, check out Glen Baggerly, and our CEO, discuss how Our City Radio is working to change the game for local artists, and how journey gym is working to change the health of "the rest of us".

Working Out Together Is Our journey gym Valentine Wish To You All

Did you know that couples that workout together have been proven to have stronger relationships and a greater sense of quality time with one another?

We at journey gym want youm and your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse to have those same results.  Since the journey gym can be shared, or since two people can workout on it at once, it is ideal for a couples workout.  

We have clients who use the product for this exact purpose with one half of the couple doing cardio, while the other is doing strength training, and alternating for a full journey gym G.R.I.T. workout.  

In turn, in just 20 minutes of time, you can both complete your workouts and you can then get back to your stronger, healthier and more energetic lives together.  

So, make it a great Valentine's Day and get your journey gym, or journey gyms, and get fit together at home and on the road!

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