journey gym customers periodically provide us with, or let us take, before and after images of their visual transformations.  We as a company focus on overall health and fitness as a lifestyle and our customers say that the top three results they garner from the journey gym include: 1) increased energy levels, 2) improved overall body strength, 3) increased personal confidence.  For some, these benefits don't necessarily mean a massive physical or visual transformation as they often already "looked healthy" and they are often trading fat for muscle.  However, for those customers who do end with highly visual transformations we love to provide their results as inspiration and motivation for others.  Here is a small sample of the thousands of journey gym customers who wanted to share their transformations:


Cheyln Briand's Health Journey

"Anyone can do it...It does the trick."


Dan Aker's Health Journey

"The thing actually works well, very well."


Christina Tyson's Health Journey

"It has been life changing and I’m sure it will continue to be as it’s now become a habit."


Rabbi Zvi Hollander's Health Journey

"Went to doc today, down 50 lbs since we met. Today, hemoglobin a1c was 6.4 for daily average of blood glucose 135. Blood pressure 120/64. Incred!!!"


Please check back regularly as more and more journey gym customers send in their Before & After images.  If you want to send in yours please do so at this time by simply CLICKING HERE.  We look forward to seeing your amazing results on your lifelong health journey.


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