The journey gym product was conceived of when one of the founders of the company was on a business trip in a hotel with a poor quality gym. The gym in the hotel was outdated, it was too far away and there was not enough time to get there and back before a key meeting.  At that moment the journey gym concept was born.

All of us struggle with finding time to get fit, so with the journey gym the vision for the product became to create the laptop of fitness.  A product that you could carry with you on a trip, on a plane, anywhere that would allow you to get in a little bit of a workout whenever you wanted, just like how you get in a little bit of work wherever you want on your laptop.

The journey gym rapidly evolved into much more than a travel gym though as hoteliers, leaders of corporations and owners of fitness clubs started discussing the massive applicability the product had to them as it was a commercial grade stair step and portable universal gym in one.  It could go in the armoire of every hotel room, it could go into every cubicle in a corporation, it could be in a group exercise class in a fitness club.  The journey gym became a solution to business needs around providing customers, patrons and employees access to fitness whenever, wherever.

So, the company began in 2008 with three co-founders who set out to build the world’s first truly portable universal gym.  Over two and half years 16 total mechanical and industrial engineers and the founders worked on 13 iterations of the journey gym. Feedback from hundreds of industry experts, international distributors, product managers, entrepreneurs, corporate clients and customers was incorporated into the final product being sold and utilized today. Today, the journey gym has 4 issued U.S. patents and is distributed in 20 countries.  However, even with that the journey gym is not a product, but rather is truly a health and fitness system. That system includes the following:  

The vision of the company from day one was “to get the world fit” and so creating the system, the full end-to-end solution just mentioned, was and will always be so critical.  At journey gym we realize the best fitness program, better yet the best health program, is the one you use.  We are working to become that company for tens of millions around the world who are not physically active and who have not taken ownership of their health.  

Today, the journey gym is in 4 continents, multiple countries and is helping people around the world in getting back their health.  It is being used in living rooms, in hotel rooms, on houseboats, in garages, in backyards, in city parks, on the sides of rivers and even in submarines.  The "laptop of fitness" is here to help all types of people get in a little bit of workout wherever they are, whenever they want.  journey gym is the health program for the rest of us.  Health is a journey, begin yours today.


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