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journey gym At IHRSA 2014 Next To Some Of The Fitness Greats

This past week journey gym attended IHRSA 2014 in beautiful San Diego, California.  The show was the largest it had been in 4 years with nearly every major fitness equipment and programming company present.  With the hundreds of companies presenting, it was great to share the journey gym Systems with some of the great pioneers in our industry, with global distributors, and with clients.


Of course for journey gym, one of the critical pioneers of the stepper, step classes, and high intensity interval training (HIIT), is the amazing Reebok®. They helped take the step mainstream, where trainers added free weights, yoga mats, and barbells to their steppers and created in class interval training.

Fast forward many years, journey gym System took all of these various products (stepper, free weights, barbells, yoga mat) all into a singular product, then compressed it into a portable briefcase. Now, the benefits and the efficacy of the group class stepper, and free weight interval training courses, can be taken with you anywhere and at any time. Thanks to the pioneers as they always blaze the trail.

journey gym Rocks On Our City Radio With Spokesman Glen Baggerly

The infamous Glen Baggerly has been the spokesman for Bowflex, for journey gym, and now is also the spokesman for Our City Radio. This global internet radio station is a mix of the top music genres, local artists, news and sports.

The company promotes local bands, music, sports and businesses in their respective city.  They are currently in 180 cities throughout the world and recently asked journey gym to discuss our company, our vision and what people get with the journey gym Systems.

So, check out Glen Baggerly, and our CEO, discuss how Our City Radio is working to change the game for local artists, and how journey gym is working to change the health of "the rest of us".

Working Out Together Is Our journey gym Valentine Wish To You All

Did you know that couples that workout together have been proven to have stronger relationships and a greater sense of quality time with one another?

We at journey gym want youm and your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse to have those same results.  Since the journey gym can be shared, or since two people can workout on it at once, it is ideal for a couples workout.  

We have clients who use the product for this exact purpose with one half of the couple doing cardio, while the other is doing strength training, and alternating for a full journey gym G.R.I.T. workout.  

In turn, in just 20 minutes of time, you can both complete your workouts and you can then get back to your stronger, healthier and more energetic lives together.  

So, make it a great Valentine's Day and get your journey gym, or journey gyms, and get fit together at home and on the road!

American Gladiator Jet Trains Her Clients With The journey gym System

We have a pretty amazing new development here at journey gym with a new trainer utilizing the system with her clients. We recently met an amazing local trainer named Monica Carlson, who was an actual American Gladiator on the famous TV show with Hulk Hogan and Laila Ali.

She was initially a contestant on the show fighting against the Gladiators and then they brought her on as an actual American Gladiator after that and named her Jet, as seen to the left here.

She is now training others on how to get to their ideal levels of health, and she is training those clients with the journey gym at Diva Den Studios. She started out with a select group of her closest clients, then got her whole family on the system, and is now opening up group classes for up to 30 participants at a time.

She recently made a short video here around both an indoor, and outdoor training session she completed with a small portion of her clients.

It shows how versatile the journey gym is, how she is utilizing it in multiple locations and how even the most in shape trainers in the world love the journey gym for their clients. Check out Jet, we mean Monica, and her clients getting fit on the journey gym at Diva Den:

Chris Is Losing Lbs. Quickly In New Zealand On Her journey gym

Here is a quote from Chris, one of our journey gym customers in New Zealand:

"Week 2 weigh in this morning (since my journey gym arrived, and day 4 of the 70-day programme), and I’ve lost 7lbs, plus one inch around my hips. Feeling lots more energy and more positive in terms of wellbeing, despite a stressful week at work.”

She goes on to say:

"I realise I always lose a lot of weight at the start of these sort of things, so I’m not expecting that to continue, but really pleased with the results. Looking forward to a more fit and healthier life."

Chris is a 48-year-old working mother of three. She bought a journey gym in New Zealand, through our partnership with Bernsport, because she has a busy life and not a lot of time leftover for exercise. But with a family history of diabetes and stroke, a lifestyle change was urgently required.

According to Chris, the journey gym is meeting her needs perfectly.  Thanks Chris for taking your health journey on...on the other side of the world.

Skyping Workouts Over Two States With The journey gym

Sara, a journey gym owner in Camas, Washington works out with her friend Nicole, in Lake Tahoe, California on journey gyms.  Skype workouts over the internet…now that takes working out anywhere at anytime to a whole other level.  Check it out:

Greg Hartle Finishes 50 State Tour & Workouts In Each State On journey gym

1 man, 10 dollars, 1 laptop, nearly 3 years, 500 interviews, and a journey gym. That's right, Greg Hartle, who traveled our great country on a mission to speak to 500 entrepreneurs, to learn how to build a business in the new economy, and to launch one viable business, is done with his Ten Dollars & A Laptop journey.

Greg not only accomplished everything listed here, but in parallel he worked out in all 50 states along the way on his journey gym. We don't know if any fitness company, in the history of the world, has had a single customer utilize their product in every state in our nation, but very few companies ever meet someone like Greg Hartle.  

See Greg nearly died of a rare kidney disease in his twenties. Fortunately, after months of dialysis, and with only a few months to live, his mother was able to provide him with one of her kidneys and Greg had a second chance at life.  He knew he could not return to the stressful business life he had had before and he knew his health and fitness were going to continue to be a top priority.  

The Famous Hammacher Schlemmer Has Exclusive journey gym System

It is official, journey gym has partnered with the oldest and most unique catalog in the United States, Hammacher Schlemmer, for a custom journey gym System for their customers around the country. The custom system, provided exclusively through Hammacher, is both available on their site and will be in their Winter 2014 catalog. 

Check it out and get, "The Briefcase Fitness Center", through the company that has been bringing you the best, the only, and the unexpected for 165 years.  This offer won't last forever and again this journey gym System is exclusively available at Hammacher Schlemmer:

Hi, I'm journey gym...I'm An Entire Workout In A Briefcase - GROUPON Goods

Hey everyone, check out the awesome video created by GROUPON Goods for our promotion with them starting during the Black Friday shopping season. You'll love it. Simply type in the password goods (all in lower case) in order to access it:

A journey gym Halloween & What To Do With Your Remaining Sweets

journey gym superheros Amy & Sophia gave out treats last week in Multnomah Village, just a few miles from our corporate headquarters. Was journey gym giving out candy? No way, it was spooky stickers and erasers, which everyone loved, kids and grownups alike.

We definitely encourage having a treat once in while, especially on special occasions. As we all know moderation is key, but now Halloween is over, it's time to get rid of those leftovers and that remaining candy and to continue on our health journeys.

To help in that effort here are a couple great options to clear your home of all of those additional sweets: 1. leave it out for the Sugar Witch (Tooth Fairy's sister) 2. Send them to our troops overseas via Operation Gratitude:  They will really appreciate it.

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